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Our Services

U Street Parking Inc., is the area leader in parking facility management. Our Parking Management Company specializes in valet parking and parking facility management services. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled services to serve hotels, resorts, office parks, municipalities, restaurants, entertainment venues, universities, public transit garages and other venues.

Parking Facility Management

“I have enough to manage”

As long as it involves parking, U Street has the answer. We often hear customers say “I have enough to manage.” We guarantee that the management of your parking facility will be our complete responsibility. From staffing to stripping, from maintenance to accounting we are eager to serve your total parking facility needs! Parking Facility Management is our expertise. Our experience enables us to offer our clients comprehensive and unparalleled parking management services anywhere in the country.

Valet Parking Services

“These are very important people”

Venues that offer valet parking services in Washington DC are looking to make a direct statement to their guest that they are truly elite! U Street Parking guarantees that your VIP's will become our VIP's. We often hear our clients say “These are very important people,” what better way to show elite customer recognition than offering first class valet parking services. The arrival experience at your Washington DC location will be seamless and parallel to your service level or requirement. As ambassadors for your brand we understand that the initial impression of your location and services serves as the benchmark for your brand. Before U Street Parking agrees to service any venue we request that our service fanatics be invited to attend the customer's orientation process. This is our way of being proactive to ensure that our service fanatics are properly introduced to your world and culture.

Parking and Traffic Consultation

“I need an expert”

Our parking and traffic consultants are concerned with economic analysis, functional and structural design, financial counseling, research, analysis and maintenance of parking facilities. Our consultants have a background in engineering and architecture. Their areas of expertise include, but are not limited too: design, construction and maintenance of parking facilities, recommended guidelines for zoning ordinances, and other issues of importance to traffic engineers, state and municipal officials, urban planners and parking executives. Rest assured that when our clients say “I need an expert,” U Street Parking Inc., will provide a highly skilled expert in parking and traffic logistics.

Transportation Services

“I need a ride”

Based upon our unique client needs we offer a plethora of transportation services. Clients often say “I need a ride,” we are here to alleviate that concern with shuttles and sedan service, elite limousines, or just a car service to and from a Washington DC airport. We'll take you where you need to go, in-style. For a dependable, safe, and courteous car service in Washington DC, you can trust in U Street Parking's transportation services.

Parking Facility Maintenance

“Who will keep the place clean”

Facility Maintenance is paramount in the operation and appearance of your parking facility. Clients often ask “Who will keep the place clean,” and we ensure that our team of service fanatics are trained in parking facility maintenance. We have state of the art equipment for all of your maintenance needs. Whether your needs include around the clock waste removal or specific large hauling needs we will ensure that your parking facility is clean and well maintained.

Special Event Parking

“It's my special day”

To date we have participated in a countless number of special events ranging from Former President Bill Clinton's Democratic National Committee Event which provided the opportunity to service dignitaries from all areas of the globe to a fundraiser for a local high school. Some other notable events include but are not limited to basketball all star Gilbert Arenas 25th birthday million dollar birthday gala in which we were contracted to manage a fleet of vehicles totaling over seven million dollars. When clients state “It's my special day” we truly understand that need and ensure that all aspects of parking management are mastered for your special event!

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